10 Years of Courage, Resistance,
and Learning for Change

Over 75 participants from Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Moldova, Norway, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, Ukraine, and the United States celebrated the anniversary tenth edition of CPU in 2019. It was an opportunity to remember the values that brought us together, and to share history on the editions so far, and see how our work grew over time. We draw lessons and hope from our own stories of courage and resistance!

In 2019 we continued to develop de the CPU program into distinct three thematic paths that were of interest for our participants:

    • economic and racial exclusion,
    • popular education and/or critical pedagogy,
    • and political action.

Radical right-wing, nationalist, xenophobic and racist movements are increasingly exercising power in every country in Europe. These movements are connected across the globe, sharing tools, and developing a common worldview. We are in danger of losing our democratic institutions–and democracy itself.

At the same time, our communities are fighting back. We are coming together, organising, developing and mobilising. At the 2019 CPU we analysed both who and what we are up against, and we cultivated our own worldview of the society we want.

The themes for 2019 CPU included:

          • Learning and using critical pedagogy to increase dialogue, sharpen our analysis, and expand our movement.
          • Understanding democracy as a trade: we learn by doing, and we must do it every day.
          • Leading with hope in times of fear.
          • Fighting the radical right on the ground: organising in working class and marginalised communities, developing our networks.

A plenary session was devoted to each theme, and the workshops, learning labs, and our full-group strategy simulator exercise wove all these themes together.

The program for CPU 2019 was built by a team of volunteer educators and movement makers around these themes.