About the Civil College Foundation

CCF (1994) is a nationwide adult education organization for community development, community work and citizen studies. In the last 20 years CCF became a leading organization in civil society development in Hungary, having intensive connection and network with several hundreds of civil society organizations and local communities across Hungary and with outreach to and collaboration with many European and some U.S. partners. CCF is involved in the activities of several working structures in order to represent the case of citizen and community participation in the decision-making processes both on the national and international level.

Due to a number of other preliminaries, in 2010 CCF started to seriously engage in Community Organizing  and it has developed a Community Organizing training and consultation system that is tailored to the Hungarian conditions. Through various programmes CCF has managed to mobilize a wide range of citizens whose interests have been infringed upon (Roma interest enforcement groups, LGBTQI groups, groups organizing homeless people and people with disabilities, disadvantaged youth and tenants’ groups). CCF is now providing complex professional and financial support for 15-27 paid organizers all over Hungary.

CCF has a residential Training Centre 75 KMs from Budapest where yearly about 5-700 volunteers/community activists are trained (for free or first cost), plus provides 2-3 state-wide development workshops, vocational trainings, 2-4 national/international seminars, professional programmes and projects, exchanges, conferences and workshops. For 10 years CCF has been lead-organizer of the Citizen Participation Week (CPW) in Hungary, involving around 30.000 citizens every year.

CCF is currently working with a staff of 10 employees and a local social cooperative is managing its training centre. The headquarters are in Budapest. CCF is working with 15-20 trainers regularly.

CCF is a member of 3 international Networks:
– Central and Eastern European Citizens Network (www.ceecn.net)
– European Community Organizing Network (www.econnet.eu)
– Pan-European eParticipation Network (http://pep-net.eu/)
Strategic partner of the European Community Development Network (www.eucdn.net)

Highlights of CCF activities include:
-Developing training materials & provide train the trainers workshops
-Adult education (short term courses, seminars, vocational training etc.)
-Community organizing, community development, community work
-Capacity building for civic society organizations and NGOs
-Citizen Participation, Active Citizenship, -volunteerism, citizens engagement
-Event organization
-Exchange programs
-International collaboration & partnership building
-Documentation, publications
-Research and development of new methodologies
-eParticipation, eDemocracy projects and tools
-Outreach through modern technology and social media tools

Film about our activities and the Civil College training centre

CCF quick intro

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