This publication analyzes the successes of and lessons learned from the Civil College Foundation’s 2016/2017 Community Organizing Program. Our goal is not to introduce the depths of our community organizing approach or the uniqueness and complexity of its methods, but rather to use our achievements to show that community involvement and advocacy can be successful even in the strongest of headwinds. In a period of intensified anti-civil society communication and stigmatizing legislation, we implemented – with support from the Open Society Initiative for Europe (OSIFE) – community organizing projects in 14 locations, including 11 cities, in the framework of our one-year program (summer 2016 – summer 2017). The projects have involved thousands of Hungarian citizens in seeking solutions to local or thematic issues and problems through dozens of campaigns. Each initiative has built on the ideas and work of a broader community of those affected, seeking publicity and addressing decision-makers on a permanent basis. This is the second time we have a chance to report on the successes of communities. Those interested can read about our results from the previous year in a similarly titled publication. Below is a selection of the accounts of community organizers who attempt to build open, inclusive and cooperating communities to reduce social inequalities and injustices.

Click here to download the booklet / Link to the original, Hungarian version


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